Is Technology Positive?

I am constantly suprised how often social media now gets a mention in the UK press and radio. Recently it was use of Twitter during earthquakes. This new technology has impressive power to save lives and build community. However it feels that for every advocate I come across 10 naysayers who don’t recognise the empowerment that technology can bring. I do wonder what they are scared of. We can use technology avidly and richly without all becoming couch potatoes. In fact all the evidence shows that we are watching less and less Tv and engaging more and more with creative forms of technology. That has to be an improvement.

Today’s computer technology with its culture of community and sharing has the potential to transform our society in ways that we can’t yet envisage. Imagine a third world child with access to pages and pages of free content via a kindle like device….

Learning to use this technology is within the grasp of any literate person.  Can you think of someone you could share a skill with?

I think because of the central nature of technology becoming literate is going to become even more key. This is a digital divide. We can easily pay for everyone to have access to the technology. It is much harder to ensure that they can use it.  Reading is a basic skill. Very few people (even those with significant problems) are unable to learn to read with the right teaching. We have the methods to teach people to read . It is each of our responsibility to make sure everyone we know can read. Could you teach somone to read?

If we each share our expertise with others we can do amazing things.

 I heard a report on the radio this week where some people were dissing the sharing culture on the internet. Talking about how it reduces the need for quality.. The fact taht  journalismetc. is reducing down to the lowest common denominator. I disagree…. I think for too long we have allowed the corporate world to get away with being mediocre at best. From my perspective creativity breeds more creativity.

This virtual world where everyone becoms a creator is an exciting new place to live. I am looking forward to the future (-;

photo’s by Thomas Hawk

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