The Storyboard Project

I have an idea for a project – which I think is going to be called the “The story board project”. My take is that we still don’t have enough good free content available to allow a motivated person to teach someone else to read. I believe in the synthetic phonics approach to reading. So I would like to create some free electronic readers (they can be printable).

What is expensive about creating good phonic readers is having good illustrations. Added to this different kids like different sorts of illustrations i.e. some kids with special needs respond much better to photos or very simple illustrations. Other kids require more complex pictures. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the material to suit the child. Older children and Adults are a different audience again.

So the aim of the project is to ask the public to create sequences of illustrations (they could be photos, collages or be hand drawn). Submitters could write their own stories or I could write a series of phonic texts and then ask for illustrations to go with them. They can be published under what is called the creative commons licence i.e. they can be used for free as long as there is no commercial gain.

My aim is that when we finally get round to giving the kids in the third world hand held devices we have some great content for them to learn to read on.

Anyone with any advice or who wants to get in touch please write a comment below or email me at

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