Storyboard Project update: Challenge No.1

Design Social - Project 3

So far I have have had undertaking from three people to illustrate stories for me!

One of these is from the Design Social – a project by designer Andrea Eaton to do a different design brief each week for the whole of 2010. What a positive project to develop new skills. Thanks for agreeing to do a storyboard for us (-:

So how to begin. Over the next week or so I hope to get the website for this project up and working. But I though I’d start by setting an intial challenge which anyone can submit story ideas for (I’ve avoided the most basic set satp as I thought this might be a challenge to far as a first off – but watch this space (-:).  Once we have a few good candidate stories I will set them as challenges for illustrators/photographers. It can also work the other way … submit a sequence of pictures and we will create stories for them! My sons and I have already created a set of photos which I will be posting shortly!

Challenge 1. Come up with stories based on the first and second set of intial sounds (UK government – Letters and Sounds).

  • Ideally 6-8 pages with a description of possible picture ideas.
  • The sounds are: s a t p i n m & d . 
  • All the words must be decodable and have a maximum of three letters (e.g. constonant-vowel-constant).
  • You also can make minimal use of the five tricky words: the, I, go, to , no.
  • Avoid repetition (as this encourages guessing)
  • The document below lists all the possible decodable words for this level – you can also make use of nonsense words e.g. Pid could be the name of a character.

Useful resources:

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One response to “Storyboard Project update: Challenge No.1”

  1. ltweedie says :

    Here is my first go at a story using the rules above. Please pull it to pieces. Make suggestions or come up with your own completely different one (-:
    Alternatively if you are feeling arty send me some illustrations to go with it!

    Sid sat on a pin. (picture of an object with sharp pin)
    Did the pin nip? (picture of Sid jumping up)
    The tip of a pin is …. (picture of a sharp pin)
    Sid is sad. (Picture of Sid)
    Dad is sad. (Picture of Sid and Dad???)
    Dad and Sid go to the tip (Take the object to the rubbish tip)

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