Social Media Experiments – now its getting personal

Over the last six months I have been getting more and more interested in Social Media. For a brief period of six weeks I was social media blogger for SociaLNK – it was a baptism of fire as I had to dive in at the deep end and get up to scratch with the latest thinking in social media whilst producing three 300 word posts each weekday. To say I learnt a great deal very quickly is an understatement. I am indebted to Ter the Director of SociaLNK for his patience as he explained to me the whys and wherefores of social media. I learnt that word of mouth marketing is significantly different to simply creating technology based campaigns. It is about “baking” good ideas right into the products that you are selling so that they speak for themselves.

One of the things I found myself doing over and over again was trying to encourage companies to start experimenting on a small scale with social media. It is not until you try a few pilots that you can really start to get a feeling for what might work. In some ways that goes against the advice you might get from the agencies. They are keen that a company should have a plan and a strategy before they start. However as an individual you really can’t get this stuff until you have had a go … it is like trying to design a i-phone app without ever having used an i-phone.

And more recently I have realised that this gets personal. How can I advocate that companies should experiment with this stuff if I have never done it myself. The whole point of Web 2.0 is that we each have within our grasp the means to run a campaign on anything that we feel strongly about.

I have been really impressed with Andrea’s Design Social idea. She has decided to take on a new design project each week for the whole of this year. In this way she is developing fantastic new skills and contacts and exploring the Web 2.0 space for herself.

I started out thinking “I could do that” but I quicky realised I need to scale back my ambitions. Social Media Experiments can potentially go viral and they need to be managed if you want to maintain positive outcomes. So I have decided to limit myself to launching one per month in various different forms of social media!

January – The Story board Project – crowdsourcing site and possibly a Flickr site
Feburary – Make Malmesbury Better – Facebook group
March – Creative Caring – Blog promoting positive balanced work for carers – possibly a skills share site
April – …..

Any thoughts ideas always welcome (-:

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