Chile Background Information

I have added this as a reference – to help me!


Chile is divided into 15 regions numbered 1 to 15 (they miss out 13 but have a 15th named Metropolitan).

Here are the 15 regions followed by the region capital

I Tarapaca (Iquique)

II Antofagasta (Antogagasta)

III Atacama (Copiapo)

IV Coquimbo (La Serena)

V Valparaiso (Valparaiso)

VI Lebertador General O’Higgins (Rancagua)

VII Maule (Talca)

VIII Bionbio (Concepcion)

IX Araucania (Temuco)

X Los Lagos (Puerto Montt)

XI Aisen (Coyhaique)

XII Magallanes y Antartida Chilena (Punta Arenas)

XIV Los Rios (Valdivia)

XV Arica and Parinacota (Arica)

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