Crowdsourcing – help me aggregate and translate

Aggregating links from twitter, Corrections and translation for terremoto info

Started Sat 6th March 2010 (one week after terremoto)

Web page:

Shortlink for this page

Web page:

Shortlink for Terremoto info

If you want to help then direct message me your email on @LisaTw

or email me on lisa at wheatridge dot co dot uk. I need your email to make you an editor on this doc (it is not an document open to the public).

Please don’t delete any info – this will remain as a record of our work

I (Lisa) will colour my inputs

Edith colour your inputs in

Mike colour your inputs in
Nico colour your inputs in
Other people in (Eve, Joe,….)
I will colour stuff I have posted on the website in (keeping the first letter of the line in your colour (-:

The key thing now is to communicate to the world the scale of this tragedy (particularly the english speaking world). Terremoto Chile is currently a PR disaster in the UK. Nobody knows about it. The idea behind “Terremoto Info” is to have a curated twitter bulletin board which acts both as a directory or yellow pages and also as a record for the information. It also allows those not familiar with twitter to access the breadth of information available #vivatwitter.

Here is how you could help:

1. Could you suggest improvements in the spanish for each of the section headings in terremoto info (  and put corrections here (with relevent paragraph number)

Thurs 4th Thanks to Joe and Eve who used Google translate to translate all the headings – these now need to be checked

Sat 6th Nico Translated Section 1.o (updated 6.3.2010)

2. Could you translate the section fuerza chile 10.0 into English (I can check the english over afterwards if your english needs a little help)

3. Could you write a transcription for this video so that we can add english subtitles.

Chile calma

Story of the man with the Bandera

These are all pretty moving.
4. Collect latest info tweets from #terremotochile (and anywhere esle) and put them below (check they are not already on site first!) Please put a GMT date and time against each one.


  1. Story of @avesalas All times in GMT

GMT 6pm PRELIM: M4.6 17:16 3/07 38.4S 74.1W 126 km WNW of Temuco, Chile OFFSHORE ARAUCANIA, CHILE Z=35km US 2010tnbc 33f06
Red Cross – @CruzRojainforma:Recepción de ayuda Sede Independencia Nº 339, Metro Cal y Canto. Hoy hasta las 18. 30 Hrs se recibe ayuda.
Se realizó una misa por las víctimas del terremoto en Ñuñoa #cnn #terremotochile
En municipalidad de Vitacura, Av. Bicentenario 3200. Se reciben Alimentos no perecibles y de Higiene (pensar en mujeres)RT

5. Collect latest media stories from twitter and the internet and paste them here (check they are not already on site first!)Please put a GMT date and time against each one.
excelente nota sobre el terremoto y los 4 terremotos sacudidos en chile: de el pais
Chile: saqueadores devuelven 2 millones de dólares en bienes
El ministro Vidal defiende la reacción del Gobierno al terremoto:”Enfrentamos una emergencia de una magnitud no conocida”

Please feel free to suggest other ideas to increase the visibility of this tragedy in the world (especially the english speaking world).

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