My talk to a primary school on Terremoto

Terremoto Chile is simply not in the news here in the UK. I have heard the same from friends and family in Spain. I think it is key that we raise awareness of just how big this earthquake was (#chileaware).

This is a brief talk aimed at primary school children. I did it yesterday (8th March 2010) for a 110 children here in Malmesbury. It took about 10 minutes. It went down very well. Particularly because I got the children to shout out “Fuerza Chile” very loudly. I also took in a big bag of sweets and told them that if they went home and told somebody about the earthquake then they could have a sweet tommorow. Worked wonders! A simple chile earthquake sticker would do the same job just provide a tallking point.

Feel free to use these slides yourself. If any school would like me to come and talk I would be happy to do so.

Please advertise the link to the talk on your facebook, blog or RT via twitter. The shortlink is


Why don’t you write a talk and go to your local school or community centre and tell them about what has happened? In Europe there is very little information about this tragedy.

Please use the resources on this site – I would also love it if you let me know that you had used it by posting a message below. Then I can pass it back to the people I know in Chile – they absolutely love to hear about your support!

I have now given three talks – One a childrens liturgy at Church on the 28th Feb, One to my blogging club at school on the 2nd March and one to my kids school.

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