Storyboard Project: Challenge No. 2

Ok so not much response to challenge number 1 but early days (-: My current plan is to publish the stories via slideshare under a creative commons licence. Please let me know if you have any advice on this one!

So challenge number two is to illustrate the following stories:

Story number 1: Ted – group 1- 5 & “no”, “the”

Blurb: This story uses all of the sounds from the first 5 groups of letters and sounds although I have limited it to cvc words (constant vowel constant) and have not use ck
Words and illustration pointers are only for guidance – you are welcome to alter them as long as you stick to the decodable rules above (:

Page 1: A cat is in the bin (pic of bin perhaps with bit of cat showing)
Page 2: Is it a sad cat? A bad cat? (?)
Page 3: No, it is Ted, the bin cat. (pic of Ted with or without bin)
Page 4: He is not a pet (pic of pampered pets???)
Page 5: His bed is a cot in the bin. It is fun. (pic of sid in bed?)
Page 6. A hum in the bin can be fab.  (pic of passersby shocked by noise from bin)

Story number 2 : Is Dad a nag? Group 1-3 & “the”

This story only uses leters from Groups 1-3 of letters and sounds and one tricky word “the”

Page 1: Tom is a kid and Sam is the Dad (pic of kid & Dad)
Page 2: “Is Dad a nag Tom?” (Could use speech bubbles here – pondering Tom)
Page 3: “No Dad is not a bad nag” (Tom shaking head)
Page 4: “Dad can tag and gag” (any interpretation could be play tag and play joke)
Page 5:”Dad can dip and pip” (could be pond dip and play a recorder???)
Page 6:”Sam is a tip top Dad” (Two big smiles or a big hug)

Story number 3 : Sad Sid – Group 1&2, tricky word “the” “on” “go” “to”

Page 1: Sid sat on a pin. (picture of an object with sharp pin)
Page 2: Did the pin nip? (picture of Sid jumping up)
Page 3: The tip of a pin is …. (picture of a sharp pin)
Page 4: Sid is sad. (Picture of Sid)
Page 5: Dad is sad. (Picture of Sid and Dad???)
Page 6: Dad and Sid go to the tip (Take the object to the rubbish tip)

Story no. 4 Dog met rat: Level 1-4 tricky word “the”

Page 1: A pet dog met a rat in the mud. (dog and rat eye to eye in muddy puddle)
Page 2: The dog ran. The rat ran. (view of them both scarpering in opposite directions)
Page 3: The dog got a net. (dog finding fishing net)
Page 4: The rat got a rug. (rat finding rug)
Page 5: The dog and rat met in a pit. (both running back and falling into pit … covered by rug and net)
Page 6: Dig dog. Dig rat. (the two animals sitting in the bottom of the pit wondering what to do)

Story no.5 Pat sat… Group 1

Page 1: Pat sat …. (chicken, dragon or snake sitting on some eggs)
Page 2: tat tat tap (noises coming out of eggs)
Page 3: pat pat pat (parent animal taps eggs)
Page 4: tap tap tat ( noises coming out of eggs)
Page 5: s s s s  (noise of egg cracking … could be little snake sounds)
Page 6: Pat sat… (parent animal with big grin and lots of little animals)

Story No. 6: Tap  Group 1

I can imagine these as photos … but could be illustrations … simply a collection of words for practice so the pictures would need to be good ones!

Page 1: tap (picture of a tap or even tap dancers)
Page 2: sap (picture of sap from a tree)
Page 3: sat (picture of a picnic)
Page 4: pat (picture of a pat)
Page 5: tat (picture of rubbish maybe outside a house)
Page 6: tap tap (picture of someone using a xylophone)

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