UX Resources

This my library of links and recommendations … planning to grow this over time.


Simply the best – www.balsamiq.com




Anti patterns: http://bit.ly/rinRX5

Apple Human interface guideline iphone: http://bit.ly/n91uAx
Apple UI elements for programmers – http://bit.ly/p1sALO
Tools to help me with my Remote UX Work
a) To learn: The concept feedback community http://bit.ly/bvhRJ1
b) To find work: odesk – http://bit.ly/ol92EE
c) To blog and teach others to blog: wordpress – http://bit.ly/b0Ocjk
d) To wireframe: Balsamiq – amazing wireframing http://balsamiq.com/
e) For Meetings and meeting notes and sharing my screen: Skype – wonderful universal meeting tool (SkypeID: lisatw17)
f) For marketing and building community: facebook (http://on.fb.me/nkdF0R), twitter (@lisatw @ManyHatsLtd) and linkedin
(http://uk.linkedin.com/in/lisatweedie )
g) For deliverables: Powerpoint – don’t need anything else … use the notes section to record changes to docs.
h) Graphic design: Brushes on the Ipad (http://www.brushesapp.com/) – the best sketching tool ever … simplicity personified … has allowed me to become a graphic designer. Photoshop to tidy stuff up
i) Workplace: Macintosh, iphone and ipad … productivity encapusulated
j) Other: bitly, grab on the mac, preview on the mac, paparazzi on the mac, audacity on the mac and too many other utilities to mention!
k) Ipad development: Corona SDK (http://www.anscamobile.com/corona/) and Kwik (http://www.kwiksher.com/) and Photoshop CS5.

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