Not a good day for the human race….

Reflections on the tenth anniversay of 9/11

I guess we will all be reliving some memories over the next day or so.

Funny how 9/11 feels so personal to many of us … I guess it was the first terrible event I experienced LIVE via the media. On my own as a new mum with a 1 year old it was like watching the world fall apart…

I have friends and colleagues who were directly connected to the event to whom my heart goes out.

For me it was in NYC a place that I had called home as a teenager. I loved to shop just at the bottom of the twin towers at Century 21. I loved the view from the top of the towers. That area was associated with very happy memories. I have not been back yet but I know it will fill me with grief when I do.

The aftermath of that day has put pressure on us all in a multitude of different ways and it makes me so sad…

Not a good day for the human race …

First posted on Facebook 11th September 2011

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