UX training – is it worth it?

I just did some Norman/Nielsen UX training paid for by my company. I really wish I had thought a bit more about investing in myself whilst I was a freelancer. One of the issues I really struggled with was responsive design. I am sure with a days course like this I would have really had no issues. The slide shows that freelancers are gradually realising this… a 10% upswing in skills related training in the last six months! Impressive. 

The slide is from Mary Meekers 2018 internet trends report. When Mary mentions UX as a key driver we know things have changed for ever.

participate in skills training

Archive on my WYSIWIG UX Stackexhange post

This is contribution I made to a UX stackexchange post a while back. Just realised I needed some of the information so thought I’d archive it. Amazing how quickly one forgets stuff. What it is the value of WYSIWIG? It provides immediacy and the ability to fiddle quickly. Bret Victor capures it perfectly in this video where […]

UX is more than wire framing

UX is more than wire framing

One of my hardest jobs is getting across to clients what my role is. I thought this article captured it very well. 

Frank Chimera meme

Frank Chimera meme

You got it!

Brick by Brick

Inspirational explanation about what happens when you get too many bright people in the room!

Musings on technology in the Maths classroom

circletheorem diagram

circle theorems for the iPad

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the benefit of visiting two different Maths departments in secondary schools. I was lucky to have the chance to talk to about 14 different maths teachers across the two schools.  It was fascinating to see what an amazing job teachers do and what a complex situation they are dealing with. Many levels of differentiation, behaviour issues, a challenging curriculum and the sheer level of organization required to create an effective learning space all make to create issues.

As ever I was fascinated to observe how technology can add or take away from this situation. It was very clear that without good robust infrastructure the technology can definitely be destructive and basically ends up with people not using it. Electronic whiteboards certainly have their problems – often lighting interferes or just placement of students in the room can mean they can’t see it. Most teachers used both a whiteboard and an electronic board.

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Sometimes it is worth putting pen to paper!

As all of my clients know I am true fan of Balsamiq. I find it a really easy to way to experiment and play with ideas. I particularly like to to share the desktop version with a colleague and brain storm different ideas with them. Which I can then easily mock up in detail later. […]